Good maintenance and gaining the required availability of machines not only needs the necessary knowledge and experience, but also cooperation between operators, technicians and management. The diversity of the machines require that everyone involved, has knowledge and skills of the right procedure for maintenance and operation. The different mechanical and electrical systems on machines like transmission link systems, engine fuel systems, electronic protection systems and operating systems for aid tools are now all integrated. This requires an "ownership" attitude of everyone who's involved in the protection of the machine availability. This shows the necessity to always update and develop your knowledge. A balanced training program must be developed and implemented to realize the mentioned strategies mentioned above. The technical, vocational education and training programs developed by our mechanical engineers will certainly contribute to raise the "ownership".

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Our services are as follow:
  • Provide training to heavy equipment technicians and operators for:
  1. Hydraulic excavators
  2. Compact and multi terrain loaders
  3. Motor graders
  4. Loaders
  5. Feller bunchers
  6. Backhoe loaders
  7. Compactors
  8. Off highway trucks
  9. Bulldozers
  10. Tractors
  11. Material handlers
  12. Scrapers
  13. Skidders
  14. Skid steer loaders
  15. Lowboy
  16. Telehandlers
  17. Combines
  18. Articulated trucks etc.
Our qualified and certified instructors provide, according to special designed training calender, training for heavy equipment operators and technicians both in classrooms and in the field on the machines.
Training is developed and provided in three levels:
  1. Level 1 - Basic systems
  2. Level 2 - Machine systems
  3. Level 3 - Machine specific systems
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  • Develop customized training based on training need analysis for heavy equipment...Read more
Besides training we also assist our customer training management teams or training departments to solve maintenance problems.
  • Develop heavy equipment maintenance management plans.........Read more
  • Provide maintenance support.........Read more
  • Develop training programs for heavy equipment operators and technicians
  • Test and qualify heavy equipment operators and technicians according to OSHA standards
  • Provide training in Rigging & hand signalling (hoist material)........Read more
  • Provide crane training for heavy load lifting..........Read more
  • Developing & providing courses for individuals in the Heavy Equipment School.....Read more
  • Providing career services and assisting in Job placement...............Read more
  • Organizing Maintenance Management Seminars & workshops............Read more
  • Provide Defensive Driving training
  • Provide Automotive training

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