Caribbean Heavy Equipment Educational Center, CHEEC, is een ISO 9001:2015 gecertificeerde opleiding en trainingsinstituut in Zwaarmaterieel gevestigd in Suriname. Sinds 2004 heeft het instituut haar bijdrage geleverd aan gekwalificeerde arbeidskrachten in Suriname en het Caribbisch gebied. click here to read more..


DEFENSIVE DRIVING TRAINING- Left Side Of The Road (in Suriname) click here to learn more..
FORKLIFT TRUCK OPERATOR TRAINING (in Suriname) click here to learn more..

International version:
T.B.D. Contact Office / FORKLIFT TRUCK OPERATOR TRAINING-2-3 TONclick here to learn more..
Hydraulic Excavator Operators Trainingclick here to learn more..

Did you ask yourself:

  • Do my employees have up to date knowledge and skills for optimum performance on my heavy equipment
  • Do I have well trained and qualified operators and mechanics
  • Do I have machines with great availability and reliability

We have the answer: The high availability of your heavy equipment depends on three important factors namely:

  1. Well trained and knowledgeable Operators
  2. Well trained and knowledgeable Technicians
  3. Good and efficient Maintenance Plan

To gain high machine productivity and availability, you need people with great performance, highly trained, skilled operators and mechanics. These are the people CHEEC cares about, as well as your equipment.

As the leader in heavy equipment training and education, the Caribbean Heavy Equipment Educational Center "CHEEC", is the organization with experienced & certified mechanical engineers, that conducts training for all your heavy equipment operators, technicians, support in maintenance planning and heavy equipment job placement in Suriname.

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