General Safety Videos

An X Factor: Video This classic Caterpillar video uses dramatizations of different accident scenarios to discuss safety in the forestry industry. From the woods to the lumber yard, all aspects of logging safety are covered. The "X" factor refers to the human errors that often contribute to serious accidents. (21 minutes)
»Caterpillar Integrated Object Detections System: Video (2009) The safety of our customers is as important to Caterpillar as the safety of our equipment. The Cat® Integrated Object Detection System™ combines cameras, radar, and alarms to notify the operator when something is close to the machine but not within an immediate viewing range. The system enables operators of large equipment to view the area surrounding their machine and monitor other equipment and objects in the near vicinity. This technology can be an integral part of a site's safe operation. (5 minutes)
»Fatal Mistakes: Video (1999) This video discusses safety precautions necessary when operating or interacting with Off Highway Trucks. (10 minutes)
»Lockout Tagout: Video (1998) This video covers the proper and safe way to lock out and tag a machine while it is being serviced.(9 minutes)
»MULTIPLE CHOICE: Video This classic Caterpillar safety video presents six accident scenarios based on actual accidents, and it asks the viewer to answer questions about what caused each of the accidents. (25 minutes)
»On the Road to Safety: Video (1998) This thorough video reviews proper loading, transporting, and unloading techniques for a variety of Caterpillar equipment. (25 minutes)
»Safe Jobsite Lifting with Mobile Construction Equipment : Video (2000) Subtitled, "Safe Load Rigging Techniques,” this video covers the most important safety tips to keep in mind when lifting with machines not designed primarily for lifting. (31 minutes)
»Safety - Right Around the Block: Video (1997) This video is directed at service technicians. It reviews all aspects of proper blocking and cribbing techniques, from defining the terms to demonstrating best practices. (18 minutes)
»Safety is…No Accident: Video (1994) This video shows different accident scenarios and ways to avoid them. (16 minutes)
»Shake Hands with Danger: Video This classic Caterpillar safety video re-enacts numerous accident scenarios and features the infamous accident victim, "Three-Fingered Joe.” (23 minutes)
»Slide Sledge Heavy Equipment Hammer: Video (2009) This video highlights the Slide Sledge Heavy Equipment Hammer. The Slide Sledge is a tool that replaces a sledge hammer and chisel for the removal of pins and other work on heavy equipment.(7 minutes)
»The Cat Comfort Seat with Three-Point Operator Restraint: Video (2004) This video highlights features—including safety features—of Caterpillar’s Comfort Seat with Three-Point Operator Restraint. (6 minutes)
»The Roll of Drums: Video (2009) This classic Caterpillar video uses comparative examples of dangerous stunts to illustrate the importance of safety on the jobsite. (21 minutes)

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